A Feature-Length Screenplay

Kat and Mikey meet at the first session of a weight loss support group in their suburban New Jersey town. It’s the summer before college and they’re both trying to make a drastic change. Their peppy trainer, Karen, guides them through meal plans and Zumba classes. Kat, an aspiring video game designer, feels like a the chubby black sheep in her family of athletes. Mikey’s Portuguese family, on the other hand, is confused by the concept of exercise.

Mikey and Kat sit at a hot dog joint, talking.

Was public school so awesome?

Oh yeah. There was a bomb threat
at prom. I was actually so happy. Leaving early.

My cousin Tiffany was my date. My mom and aunt gave
her twenty bucks to take pictures with me. Her
boyfriend picked her up after the first song.

No way.

I couldn’t even pretend she was my mysterious lady
friend. Everyone knew she was my cousin. She’s in
the grade below. We have the same last name.

Kat LAUGHS and dunks another fry into her milk shake.

My first, and only, kiss was a dare. Not like a flirt-y dare. A revenge dare. It was like, “Nina made me swallow a goldfish…”

He points across the room.

“Strange Mikey! Get over here!” I’d just eaten a
tub of spicy queso dip in the corner alone so my
breath was scary bad.

The last person I kissed made me promise
not to tell anyone.

Somehow, that’s worse. That’s
definitely worse.

Kat and Mikey LAUGH.

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